Fly cap and wrist warmers

Knitting instruction for a cap and wrist warmers PDF

With basic knitting techniques!

You need:
• 100 Grams/3.5 oz Baby-Alpaca with a yardage of 170 Meter/186 yards per 50 Grams/1.75 oz
• Circular knitting needle or long straight knitting needle, size 3 mm/ US Size 2 or 3. Depending on how loose you knit.
• Scissors
• Yarn needle
• 2 Meter/ 2 yards of left over yarn
• 2 snap fastener, about 2 cm/0.75 inch

12_fly cap_instruction_knitted

Pattern preview:

12_fly cap_instruction



Mittens with cable

Knitting instructions for mittens with a large cable as PDF

Including basic knitting techniques!

The mittens are about 37 cm/ 14 9⁄16“ long. It is very important to find an equivalent yarn to ensure that the mittens fit. Knit a gauge! For 10 cm/4” square you should have 12 stitches 20 rows.

You need:
• 150 Grams/ 5.3 ounces wool with a yardage of 48 meters/ 52.5 yards per 50 grams/ 1.75 oz.
• 1 set of 5 double pointed knitting needles sized according to the yarn. Use a half size larger (if you are a tight knitter) to a size smaller (if you are a loose knitter), so the mittens will be knit a bit tighter. In this example needles size 7 (US 10½) were used.
• 1 meter/ 1 yard of left over yarn to be used as a helping thread
• Yarn needle
• Scissors


Pattern preview:


Classic Cable cap

Cable cap knitting pattern PDF

Including basic knitting techniques! Pompom template and cable pattern chart.

You need:
• 100 Gram/3.5 oz of 100% merino wool with a yardage of 90 Meter/98 yards per 50 Gramm/1.75 oz
• 1 set (5 needles!) of double pointed knitting needles size 5/US 8
• 1 knitting needle or cable needle
• Scissors
• Yarn needle
• Some cardboard for the pompon stencil
• Glue 


Instruction preview:


Warm cardigan

Warm cosy jacket in garter stitch PDF

Including basic knitting techniques! Easy and fast to knit.

You need:
• 1000 to 1400 g wool, such as „Malou“ from Lang Yarns (70% baby alpaca, 10%new wool, 20% nylon) or an equivalent yarn with a length of 65 m /50 g. The yarn should have the same gauge: For a square of 10 x10cm/4”x 4” (knitted in garter stitch!) 13.5 stitches and 24 rows (12 ribs)!
• Knitting needles or a circular knitting needle size 7/US 10,5. If you knit tightly use a needle size of 7,5 or 8/US 11. Because of the weight of the material, I suggest working with the circular knitting needle. (Instead of knitting in rounds, just turn your work and continue to knit on the other side)
• 1 Meter / 1 yard of left over yarn
• Yarn needle
• Steam iron
• Scissors
• 3 large buttons
• Sewing thread and sewing needle for buttons 

Pattern preview: