Granny squares

Granny square baby blanket PDF

The blanket can be put together in your choice of colors. This example uses a dark main color in combination with five light colors. The size can also be chosen according to need or how much time you have. This sample blanket has 143 squares , set up in 11 rows of 13 squares each.

You need:
• 500 g/ 18 oz yarn for the main color and 5 X 150 g/ 5.5 oz yarn in your choice of colors with a length of approx 50 g/150 m, 1.75 oz/164 yards
• Crochet hook size 4 (US F-5)
• Scissors
• Yarn needle

26_granny_square_instructions_knitted 26_granny_squeres_crochet

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Pouf or big pillow

Pouf knitting instruction PDF

Including basic knitting instructions!

You need: (The materials for a smaller cushion are in parenthesis)
• 1300 g/46 oz(1000/ 35 oz)g cotton yarn with a length of 80m/100 g, 87.5 yards/3.5 oz. You can also use textile yarns made from recycled T-shirts.
• Knitting needles size 15/US 19
• Yarn needle
• Used or new feather blanket or feather pillows: approx 4 to 4,5 kilos/ 8.8 to 10 lb (approx 3 to 3,5 kilos/ 6.6 to 7.7 lb)
• 6 meters/ 6.5 yards of thick left over yarn
• Scissors 


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Martha Stewart and the knitting instructions from Knit Kit , knits and things, easy to follow craft instructions

Chicken egg warmer

Rooster egg warmer knitting instructions PDF

Including basic techniques! Perfect for left over yarns!

You need:
• About 10 Gramm/ white or yellow sock yarn, Average sock yarn has length of 210 Meters/ 230 yards per 50 Gramm/1.75 oz
• Leftover red wool for the comb
• 1 set (5 needles) of double pointed knitting needles size 3/US 3
• 1 crochet hook size C-2
• Scissors
• Yarn needle

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Stool cover

Stool cover with cable pattern PDF

Including basic techniques and easy to follow knitting chart for the cable.

You need:
• 200 to 250 Gram/7 to 8.8 oz of 100% wool with a length of approximately 55 Meters/ 60 yards per 100 Gram/3.5 oz
• Circular knitting needle size 10/US size 15
• Two pointed knitting needle used as a cable needle
• Stool round or square, used or new with a maximum seat circumference of 35 cm/13¾“.
• Pillow used or new, 35 x 35 cm/13¾“ by 13¾“.
• Yarn needle without point
• Scissors

Pattern preview: